It’s that time of year again… post holidays… tan beginning to fade… evening’s drawing in…  getting the kids to try on last winter’s coat and trousers… can they really have grown that much?!  How about the broken strap on the old school bag and the stained pencil case?  Time to go shopping.

@ THE EDIT we stock a range of ANIMAL rucksacks, pencil cases, lunch bags and day-to-day clothing for Boys and Girls aged 3-14 years.

ANIMAL was founded in 1987 and has rapidly grown into a household name and one of the UK’s most recognisable ‘action-lifestyle’ brands.  The founding surfer dudes began their fledgling business based on a mission to produce good looking yet practical goods and  ANIMAL continues fulfil  that criteria of durable, quality clothing  that washes time and time again.  Many of the rucksacks and handbags come with a 2yr guarantee – that’s how certain ANIMAL is of their constantly high level of craftsmanship.

If you think your kids are heavy on their clothes, it’s definitely time to check out the ANIMAL brand.